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Mobile Wood Fired Pizza and Old World Oven Techniques in the San Diego Area

Welcome to Bottaro Wood Fired Pizza

Welcome to Bottaro Wood Fired Pizza

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Bottaro Wood Fired Pizza is an oven on wheels and as we like to call it "Pizza A-Go-Go".  We also offer salads, appetizers and cook all our food on site.  You can find us at the Leucadia Farmers Market from 10:00 to 2:00 pm and we also cater Weddings, Private Parties, Corporate Events and Lunches.

We use the freshest, local produce available, make our own sausage and use organic flour from Central Milling in Utah.  We use local ingredients from Chino's Farm, Sundial Farm, Wonderland Farm, and local backyard gardens for our pizzas.  Your pizza will bake in about 90 seconds in temperatures of 800 to 900 degrees.  All your family and friends will appreciate the uniqueness of a Wood Burning Oven as we prepare and cook their food using "Old World" techniques right in your backyard or favorite setting.  

John your "Pizzaiolo" has been cooking in a wood burning oven since 1992 when he hand built his first of 5 wood burning ovens.  John is a Fire Captain in Encinitas where he has been honing his culunary skills since 1985.  In 2011 John had the pleasure of making pizzas for Chef, Author, Activist. and Proprietor Alice Waters of Chez Pannise and 600 of her book loving friends at Chino Farms in Rancho Santa Fe